New world whisky dinner


wednesday 28 august
6.30pm - 9.30pm

Fan of whisky? What about Indian? You’re in luck.

We’re hosting another Whisky Dinner. This time new world whiskys you may have never tried before. Whiskys from India, Japan and Australia – new wave distilleries pushing the boundaries of what is expected, with new takes on what makes a quality dram.

Sauma is roasting succulent protein hits with Indian spices to match each drink.
This is an event for whisky enthusiasts who want to get out of the box and try something new.

Whisky Tasting Menu

Two Fold Highball cocktail on arrival

 Starward Two Fold 40% - Australian
Tandoor roast salmon, honey, lime, black kalonji seeds 

Kurayoshi Tottori Bourbon Cask 43% - Japanese
Duck leg, smoked eggplant, panko, sesame, tamarind 

Paul John Brilliance 46% - Indian
Winter shashlik - heirloom pumpkin, mushroom, ricotta, cauliflower, beetroot

Paul John Bold 46% - Indian
Malai chicken tikka, mint, roast almond 

Rampur PX Sherry Cask Limited Edition 45% - Indian
Tandoori pork fillet, goan rub, coriander, coconut

 Café Old Fashioned - Paul John Edited
Chocolate, rose panna cotta, drunk figs